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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mi TV in-depth Comparison: How does it fares against Sony, Samsung and LG

Xiomi launched the Mi TV series in India sometime ago. After that it took the market by storm. All big brands such as Sony, Samsung and LG were stunned. They feared about their market share. But did Xiomi was really successful? What is the Quality you are getting in that money? Earlier Sony was considered the king in TV segment with it's awesome picture quality and sound. Still some people consider that Sony is the best and they hesitate to go for Xiomi. 
Here, I will be talking about Mi TV LED 4A PRO (49 inches Android TV). You can buy it here:  CLICK HERE.

mi tv

The first thing in a TV is obviously, the Display. The display in this one is FHD i.e. 1080P. Considering, the display size it is sufficient. The display panels used in this TV, is actually made by Samsung. Shocked? You can verify it on Mi global website. So, on display, it is as good as Samsung TV and Samsung is considered the master of displays. The AMOLED tech is Samsung's patented technology and right now used in top notch smartphones and TVs. So, hope I cleared you in this section. So, now let's move on to another.

The another important thing in TV, is the sound. It has 20W speakers which is not good, i would say. Generally, TVs rarely have good speakers. The sound is loud and clear but there is no sub-woofer for punchy bass. That's a drawback, but considering the pricing you can accept that and buy a soundbar instead. Only Sony TVs provide best sound in TVs but why would you pay 20k-30k extra just for sound. I have previously posted a review on Mi Soundbar earlier, you can see it here, CLICK HERE. You can see that for reference. Moreover, you can even buy JBL Soundbar in this price. So, let's get to next section.

Features come in the next section and here Xiomi beats every other TV out there. At this price, you get an android TV which no company out there can give in this price. Sony android TVs start at around 55K which is really expensive. You can even make your old TV a smart TV using, Amazon Fire TV Stick. I have also posted previously on it, you can see it here, CLICK HERE. The processor used in this is Amologic's 64 bit Quad-core processor which is very capable and sufficient here because you don't use TVs for playing games and multi-tasking. TVs are mostly used for streaming online content such as videos only. If you want to play games, don't go for this. Since, it runs on android you will be able to install any app out there directly from play store which is very convenient. The TV has 1 GB of ram and 8 GB of internal storage. So, you can only install limited number of apps which are not very demanding. Moreover, not every app is made to be compatible to TVs, so you need to see if that app can run on TV. It has support for 2.4 Ghz Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2 which is great. Other important thing is, it comes with built-in Chromecast support. So, you can easily mirror you TV and send content videos and pictures to watch on big screen. It also supports voice search on remote with Google's voice assistant. Moreover, it comes with Patchwall which is artificial intelligence-based system which learns about user entertainment habits and prefers content to watch next accordingly.

Coming to ports, it has 3-HDMI ports, 2-USB ports, Ethernet port and usual AV input port and 3.5 mm audio jack to connect external speakers. For installation, you either place it on surface or mount on wall easily. It has a thin profile which makes it even better to mount. 

So, I hope that all your doubts are cleared and you can make your decision accordingly. Please, hit like and share if I was able to clear your doubts.

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