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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

This Government App Can Help you Identify Fake Cosmetic and Food Products.

Recently, Government has launched a new app that allows you to identify fake or counterfeit products. The Department of Consumer Affairs in-association with Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is providing this information through an app made by a non-profit organisation, GS1.
             Generally, for FMCG products we rely on information provided on the package such as price, manufacturing date, expiry date, certification etc. But these information may not necessarily be correct, right? So, with this app you can see and verify the information provided. Moreover, if the product description does not match at all, the product might be fake. So, let's see how to use it.

smart consumer app
Image source : playstore

  • Download the Smart Consumer app by GS1 from playstore or apple store.
  • Scan the product Barcode printed on the back using the app.
  • If the barcode-scan fails, enter the GTIN of the product (GTIN is number written near the barcode)
  •  After scanning, it will display the exact information of the product
  • Information like price, manufacturing date, FSSAI license etc. will be shown
  • If the information is not shown, then maybe information is not provided by the manufacturer or it is fake
  • to verify this, by another pack of the same exact product from another shop and if this time information is displayed correctly, then previous one is fake

This app is useful in identifying the correct information of a product in case someone has the packaging or the sticker. Moreover, the market is currently flooding with counterfeit products, so it is good habit to verify authenticity before using the product.

        You can also register a complaint about the product using this app. The app is still under beta-stage may not work as expected for now. With further updates and development, it will become more usable. But we should praise the government that at-least a step is taken in this regard.

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