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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

See Stunning Images Captured by Chandrayaan-2 Till now

Chandrayaan-2 is the second moon exploration mission after Chandrayaan-1. It was launched from second launchpad in Satish Dhavan Space centre on 22nd July 2019. The project is developed and operated by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). India will become the first country to land on the Far side of the Moon. Far side is that side of the moon that is always hidden from us due to Synchronous rotation of the moon.

The main objective of this launch is to demonstrate a soft-landing capability on the moon surface and operating rover on the surface. A successful landing will make India fourth country to be able to achieve a soft-landing on the surface of the moon. Scientific studies include lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance etc.

See all pictures captured by the spacecraft below :-                                                                                                                          

See all the images during the launch of the spacecraft on 22nd of July,2019 as tweeted by the official ISRO account below...

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